These Ghosts

by Tyne Darling

In November of 2016, Tyne Darling (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) will release a second, full-length studio album entitled, These Ghosts. Powered by deconstructed hooks and melodic arrangements, These Ghosts offers personal insights ripe with reflection on cultural and social issues, as well as existential considerations, which showcase thoughtfully-crafted lyrics. These Ghosts follows Tyne Darling’s Eric “Roscoe” Ambel-produced,The Secret November, and seeks to further build upon genre-bending stylistic approaches and songwriting methodologies. The nine songs that comprise These Ghosts metaphorically demonstrate how one's worldview can simultaneously shape and be shaped by one's experience.

Tyne Darling is the musical and stage moniker for the writer and artist, Tommy Vollman, whose fiction and non-fiction has been published in magazines, journals, and other outlets in both the United States and Europe. Vollman’s forthcoming novel, entitled Tyne Darling, further blurs the lines between overlapping creative aspects. Conceptually, each song on These Ghosts has a companion short story (either currently published or in the process of publication) that further comments and elaborates upon embedded song themes and constructs.

Recorded primarily on the road at spaces across America including Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmot, the St. James Hotel in New Orleans, and NYC’s Ludlow, These Ghosts showcases textures and dimensions that reflect the notion that while individual experiences are implicitly unique, aspects of the human condition push people toward recognizable faces, reminiscent landscapes and spaces, or messages seemingly heard before. As a result, a level of commonality emerges where one can find a certain sense of paradoxical stability within the very nature of change. The underlying message, then, is one of hope—an acknowledgement of the power to both affect and be affected by one’s own experience and that of others. These Ghosts channels Tyne Darling's energetic and straightforward live performances and incorporates a multi-instrumental compositional approach.